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Hilltop Executive

  • Square 433
  • Direction Garden
  • Room 2
  • People 4 - 6

Hilltop Executive – Spacious & serene

With a unique structure of two interconnecting blocks, our Hilltop Executive Holistay Villas feature open-space design for optimized functionality and experience. Here, natural elements are fully incorporated to create a refreshing atmosphere where guests can get inspired and invigorated with a touch of the bountiful Zen Hill greenery. Spacious yet secluded and fully equipped with modern kitchen facilities, our Holistay Villa collection delivers a brand-new vacation experience: where homely comfort meets 5-star resort services.

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Conviniences & Services

Bathtub & Shower (Various applicable depending on room class)


Free Buffet


Heating & cooling aircon

International telephone


Private pool


Satellite TV

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